Tuesday, August 26, 2014

First Week in PA

Each week I will be updating this site with information about what's going on in PA. The most important piece of the week will be getting to know the kids and what makes them tick.  A welcome letter should be coming home in the backpacks today with our schedules and QR codes that will link you to this website and the District 204 PA page.  Before our first full week of PA, please be sure to send in a one inch binder and one pack of loose leaf paper.  These will be kept in the PA room and used all year.

Second Grade PA: During the first week with my new second graders, we will be discussing change.  Are there different types of change? Are there categories of change?  The kids and I will be reading the Jane Yolen book Owl Moon and using the story to have conversations about change and how authors and illustrators show change in the stories we read.  

Third Grade PA: The third graders and I will be looking at how different people can have multiple perspectives and how that can connect to the broad concept of change in the books we read.  There are two stories that we will be investigating this week. Colin Thompson's Tower to the Sun and the 1948 classic picture book The Little House. Both stories will be used to illustrate how things change over time. 

Fourth Grade PA: My first week with fourth grade will be spent digging into the idea that journeys can effect change in individuals.  We will be looking at a picture book, The Lotus Seed, about the end of the Vietnam War and a family who makes a new start in America. The kids and I will then make connections to a short story about two kids living in Warsaw after the German invasion during World War II and how their journey changed them. 

Fifth Grade PA: The fifth graders and I are going to be discussing how positive and negative changes can alter the trajectory of one's life.  We will be dissecting a complex picture book by Quint Buchholz titled The Collector of Moments.

I am looking forward to a great first week in Project Arrow!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Extra Materials for PA

Hello Brookdale Families!  As the school year is about to begin, I wanted to let you all know that there are two extra things that I will need the kids to bring when they come to PA.  I'd like each child to bring a one inch three ring binder and one pack of loose leaf paper (lined and three hole punched) that will stay in our classroom.  We will keep copies of short stories, poems, essays, research materials, graphic organizers, notes, as well as insights about the texts and topics we will investigate in the binders.  I will periodically send these home for parents to review, but most of the time these will be kept in the PA room so kids can stay organized and have everything they need for learning in one spot.  Please do your best to have these binders ready to go by the Tuesday after Labor Day.  I am so excited to begin the school year and hope to meet you all on the 21st at the Meet and Greet. The PA classroom is now in the computer lab…I hope the transformation will be completed by the 21st!

My Wish for my Students