Thursday, September 18, 2014

PA for the Week of 9-22

Second grade will be discussing chapter books this week.  What are the difference between chapter books and picture books? Have any second graders already read a chapter book? If not, this week will change that as we begin an exploration of Frindle by Andrew Clements. We will be reading in school and the class will have some reading for homework each night.  The kids will all come home with their copy of the novel and a post-it note with the page number to stop reading for tomorrow's discussions. We will be creating literature webs, exploring new vocabulary, and continuing our investigation of figurative language.

Third grade is going to spend this week reading a very interesting science fiction book titled The Green Book by Jill Patton Walsh.  This story is about a family who has to leave Earth to go live on another planet.  We will be using the text to explore new vocabulary, develop our understanding of theme, and using evidence from the text to explain what the message of the novella was. 

Homework: Monday read chapter 1, Tuesday finish chapter 2, Wednesday finish chapter 3, Thursday read chapter 5.

Fourth grade will begin the week by revisiting novel structure and literary elements like theme, conflict, protagonists, antagonist, and plot structure.  These elements will be explored as we begin reading a novel written in 1910, the classic by Frances Hodgson Burnett titled The Secret Garden. I have copies of the text in the classroom, but I downloaded it on my iPad for $1.99 and the kids may want to do this as well as the font size is much larger, kids can highlight portions of the text on their screen, and attach notes for our Socratic Seminar. It is also available for free here as an audio book or ebook:  Our work will focus on the concept of change.  We will be comparing the book to a novel that each fourth grader is reading independently at school or at home.  This link will help with new vocabulary words for the first 6 chapters of the novel:

Homework: Monday finish chapter one and bring the novel you are currently reading at home or school to PA tomorrow, Tuesday finish chapter 2 and complete the change matrix we began today, Wednesday finish chapter 3, Thursday finish chapter 4 and complete the change matrix for chapters 3 and 4.

Fifth grade will continue developing the Capstone project and discussing how a person can be a catalyst for change within a global system. Students should be exploring their topic using to gather information like websites, articles, videos, and concepts (related vocabulary).  All information found should be used to take notes on loose leaf paper that will be added to their PA binders.  Any important articles or information can be printed and brought to school.  The kids and I will also be reading an excellent short story by Ray Bradbury called "All Summer in a Day" about life on Venus. 

Homework: Instagrok your topic for the Capstone and bring what you have found so far with your detailed notes, including sources, to class on Friday.

My Wish for my Students