Friday, September 26, 2014

PA for the Week of 9-29

Parents, don't forget to sign up for November conferences using the links I posted.  Just scroll down, click on the link, create an account, and pick a time.  Also, remember that PA Curriculum Night is Wednesday from 6:30-7:30 in the LMC.  Here is what the kids will be working on this week...

Kindergarten and first grade talent development will be working with informational texts about insects and the farm.  The kids will be creating information webs filled with facts.

Second grade PA will continue our work with Frindle this week. We will discuss how words are created, how fads spread, and we will evaluate why the novel has won so many awards and if we agree that the text was worthy of the awards.  Students will continue to come home with a post-it on their book to indicate the page to read to for homework.

Third Grade PA is going to be working on a collaborative project that ties together The Green Book and an informational text that the students are reading in their classrooms about different types of schools around the world called Off to Class. The project will be to create a school on Shine that uses the available resources mentioned in the novel, and to design a curriculum that will prepare the citizens of this new world with the tools they need to be successful in life.  The directions are going to be simple and intentionally vague to encourage creative thinking and provide the kids with opportunities to problem solve as a group. At home, talk about what the colonists would need to learn how to do to live on another planet and sustain life in this new community.  The class will be designing the rubric for evaluation of their work themselves.  We will also be doing some work with new vocabulary words like rations, perishable, and wistfully. On Monday night there will be a question to answer for homework based on the text that we will begin at school.

Fourth grade PA will continue to explore Mistlewaith Manor as we read The Secret Garden.  Last week, the kids saw images of the moors in England, examples of Victorian gardens, and we watched a few minutes of a documentary about English Manor homes to build background and allow the students to better visualize the setting that Mary now finds herself surrounded by.  We will be exploring some of the rich vocabulary used in the novel this week.  Words like fretful, bewilderment, affectionate, impudent, and discomfited will be analyzed during our time in class and groups of students will be working on writing thoughtful answers to complex questions using examples from the text to provide support for their thinking.

Fifth grade PA is going to pick up where the CogAT's took over last week.  I was only able to see the students two days last week, because of the testing, so this week we will dive into Ray Bradbury's "All Summer in a Day" in our Socratic Seminar. The kids and I will explore the literary elements used in the short story, how the systems of our world differ from the world of Margot, and students will be working in pairs to complete an organizer based on Paul's Reasoning Model.  Homework will be to continue to explore ideas for the Capstone project about impacting a global system. 

My Wish for my Students