Friday, September 12, 2014

Project Arrow for the Week of 9-15

Because of CBM testing last week, I was only able to meet with the kids for two days.  This week I get all five! We still have things from my plans for last week to get accomplished, so I'm only adding the new content here to the blog.  Also, please be sure to sign up for November conferences on the post that follows this one.  

Second grade will continue our exploration of figurative language.  We will explore imagery, personification, irony, metaphors, and similes. We will be reading some books, poems, and even looking at some surrealist art to generate our own ideas of figurative language.

Third grade will continue our work from last week, and then dive into the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale "The Ugly Duckling" to explore the theme of change.  I've developed around 15 questions that we will be discussing in our first Socratic Seminar. This link will explain the basics of a Socratic Seminar
I'd encourage families to find another classic fairy tale, the original text, to read at home and discuss with your child this week. Find connective threads to the story we are reading at school.

Fourth grade will continue to work with Paul's Reasoning Model to organize our thinking about the short stories we are reading. New this week will be an Asian folktale that raises questions about how the elderly are treated.  We will discuss the folktale, and then we will look at what would happen if the US Government instituted a policy similar to the one in the have to wait until Thursday to talk to your son or daughter about this, but bring it up at dinner.  What did you think about the dilemma you talked about in PA today? The fourth graders will also learn about a Socratic Seminar for group discussions.

Fifth grade will finally have the mysterious "Capstone Project" unveiled.  This will be a year long project, and I'm not saying a word about it to anyone until Tuesday, but it connects to Monday's Wordle/infographic homework.  This project has me SO EXCITED!!! 

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