Friday, October 3, 2014

PA for the Week of 10-6

The new conference sign up is now on the blog.  Please sign up when you have a few minutes if you'd like to meet with me this November.

Kindergarten and First Grade Talent Development will be exploring an amazing picture book titled The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore all week long.  This book inspired the Academy Award winning animated short film by the same name that we will also watch to compare the different ways of storytelling. Watch it at home after school on Monday

Second grade PA finished Frindle last week, and all of the students checked out another book by Andrew Clements to read for fun at home.  We will be comparing the similarities and differences between their independent book and the shared novel. We will also begin a poetry writing project using the book Lemonade and Other Poems Squeezed from a Single Word. The kids are going to brainstorm a list of very long words, cut them into their individual letters, and then make words using those letters to write a poem about the word itself.

Third Grade PA will be working on their school and accompanying curriculum for the students on planet Shine this week.  The kids will also be using to research uses for algae and jellyfish using BYOT devices or laptops.

Fourth Grade PA will continue our work with The Secret Garden, everyone needs to be at least to chapter 21 by Friday. We will be discussing the omnipresence of magic in the text, the symbolism of the robin, and the difference between Colin's life and Dickon's in our classroom conversations.

Fifth Grade PA is going to have a few weeks to explore the wonderful storytelling of Ray Bradbury. The kids came home with a short story to read this weekend called "The Pedestrian" and next week we will read "August 2026" and "Veldt" to further understand the 1950's, science fiction as a genre, and to analyze Bradbury's writing style.  I'm also planning on reading a great story to the kids called "The Scythe" about a farmer during the depression.

My Wish for my Students