Friday, November 7, 2014

PA for the Week of 11-10

Kindergarten and first grade talent development students will be working on comparing story elements between a selection of texts I have in my classroom.  I will be using a comprehension strategy that the kindergarten and first grade teachers use called CLAPS (Characters, Location, Action, Problem, Solution).  I will be modeling how to fill in a graphic organizer, then the students will work in pairs, and finally the kids will do one all on their own. 

Second grade PA will be exploring fairy tales and what sets this genre apart from other stories.  We worked on this last week, so ask your son or daughter what makes this genre unique.  We will be reading Little Red Riding Hood, Hansel and Gretel, and The Snow Queen, the jumping off story for Frozen.  The kids will be creating a Venn Diagram showing how the stories are similar and different along with pulling out the key elements that make these three tales part of this genre.

Third grade PA will continue our grammar voyage using the Michael Clay Thompson book Grammar Island kids will also be reading the 1938 Newbery Honor book Mr.Popper's Penguins by Richard and Florence Atwater.  The focus of our reading will be to identify the key literary elements of plot, central themes, setting, protagonist, antagonist, and the point of view. 

Fourth grade PA will be spending the week evaluating Call it Courage, participating in a class debate about whether this novel was worthy of the Newbery Award, and we will begin an essay comparing the film version of The Secret Garden to the text we read last quarter.  There will be a one page writing assignment on Wednesday evening for homework.  In this piece, I'm asking the kids to write a letter to The Newbery Committee that explains the reasons why the book deserved the Newbery Medal, or why it did not, using the criteria we used to evaluate the book in class and the evidence they recorded on the form while reading.

Fifth grade PA will begin our film project about an agent of change in South African society who demonstrated courage.  We will be using the site to create the final product.  This will be a team assignment and groups will be dividing up the research tasks, storing images or video clips in their Google Drives, and then putting the final films together before the World Culture Fair on the 21st. 

My Wish for my Students