Sunday, November 30, 2014

PA for the Week of 12-1

Kindergarten talent development students will be working with an online database of literary and informational texts this week. Pebble Go houses ebooks on a wide range of topics that we will explore together.

First grade talent development kids will be exploring Tumblebook Cloud, an online library of informational and literary texts. 

Second grade PA students will be reading fractured fairy tales this week. Students will be comparing the original versions of stories we have read to modern "fractured" versions of the classics. 

Third graders will be exploring the idea of identity and change this week. We will begin with a picture book titled Enemy Pie. This story shows how characters change as our understanding of others evolves. The kids will be thinking about how our identity is influenced by relationships and experiences, and how change impacts people and our relationships in books we have read together in class.

Fourth grade PA will begin a novel study of The Year of Impossible Goodbyes this week. This is the story of a Korean family during the 30 year old struggle for Korean independence. The novel covers both World War II, when Japan occupied Korea, and the fight for one family to find freedom during the Korean War. The theme of conflict will be central to our conversations in class. How does conflict lead to change? How does conflict influence a character's life?

Fifth grade will be taking a standardized reading test in class two days this week, so we will only have three days of PA. The students will continue to read Little Women, translating it to 21st Century language, and we will continue the capstone project. 

My Wish for my Students