Monday, December 15, 2014

5th Grade Middle School Qualification

As you know, all of the 5th graders will need to requalify for middle school Project Arrow.  The first batch of testing will take place during the first week of February.  These tests will be used for qualification for the ELA Project Arrow program.  We will take the math tests in the spring.  The following information may be helpful for you to review.

What is the format of the Iowa Assessments?

The Iowa Assessments are multiple choice tests so students use an electronically scored answer sheet to mark their choices.

 How are the tests scored?

Scores are reported using National Percentile Rank.  A percentile rank indicates the percentage of students in the same grade group whose scores fall below the score obtained by a particular student. For example, if a fifth grade student obtains a PR of 67 on the Reading Subtest, it means that 67 percent of the fifth grade students in the standardized sample received lower scores than this particular student. Please note the percentile rank is not the same as the percent of test items correct.

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