Friday, December 12, 2014

One More Week...

Kindergarten talent development students will only be coming to see me twice this week because of events in the classroom.  During our time we will explore the geometry of snowflakes and read an informational text, Snowflake Bentley, about the first man to capture close-up photography of individual snowflakes. 
First grade talent development students will also be exploring the geometry of snowflakes this week, but at a higher level by exploring the different shapes and attributes of those shapes.  The kids will be designing their own snowflakes using black paper and chalk.  We will also be reading a few fun stories that have a lot of connections to how the Brookdale neighborhood sparkles at this time of year.

Second grade PA will be finishing their posters about natural disasters that we began last week.  The kids did a lot of great research that was put to good use!  The rest of our time will be spent writing a short story about snowmen as a way of reviewing important story elements.  I developed a presentation with nine photographs of snowmen that will become the characters in a story that we will write in class.  Here are a few of our characters...snow.jpgsnowman.jpgfrosty-snowmen-instachallenges.jpg
snowman-rage-face.jpgsnowman eats child.jpgsnowman-does-handstand.jpg
Third grade PA will continue to explore how thinking can be the key to survival in The Girl Who Owned a City. There will be a few nights of reading and a reflection journal or two to write at home.  I am thrilled with how the kids have responded to this text.  You should see how completely engaged they are as we read and the extreme disappointment they show when we need to stop!

Fourth grade will also be writing creative snowpeople stories using the same photos as the second graders, but with more advanced story elements.  The kids will also have time to complete their group posters illustrating what life was like in Korea from 1910-1953.

Fifth grade PA will have some Capstone time this week and we will be reading an essay by Robert James Waller titled "One Good Road is Enough" about the journeys one can embark on in life.  The students will be writing their own version of the essay as well. 

Have a wonderful break!!!!!

My Wish for my Students