Friday, January 9, 2015

PA for the Week of 1-12

This will be an abbreviated week in Project Arrow because of the Winter CBM tests that are given to all of our students three times each year.  I will be administering tests on Monday and Tuesday, and we have the teacher work day on Friday, so the students will not be seeing me each day.

Kindergarten and First grade talent development students will be working on making inferences using a picture book about a dentist in Paris who finds himself in possession of two magic figs titled The Sweetest Fig. The kids and I will be using what we know, adding this to our schema, and developing a new, deeper understanding of the text as a result.

Second grade PA students will begin to learn about systems this week as we begin our study of ancient Greek civilization.  The kids will be taking a pretest on Wednesday and then we will begin to learn about systems.  Here are the major goals for the unit:
1) Systems have identifiable elements and definable boundaries.
2)  Greeks believed that their Gods and Goddesses controlled the natural events, which occurred in nature.
3) Myths include supernatural beings or events which gave Greeks an understanding of their world.
4) References to Greek mythology are still culturally relevant today and provide a frame of reference with which to understand the meanings of common words and expressions.
5) Ancient Greece created or developed large aspects of government that lay the foundation for other civilizations.
6) Ancient Greece has had a significant impact on modern day society (art; architecture; mathematics; Olympics; philosophy; astronomy; government; religion).

Third grade PA will be taking a pretest for our grammar unit and continuing to read The Girl Who Owned a City.

Fourth grade PA will continue our reading of the short story we began last week titled " Lenny's Red Letter Day" and we will take a pretest for our upcoming unit on grammar.

Fifth grade PA will continue to work on our TED talk about a young person who made an impact on a global system and we will be taking a pretest for our grammar unit. Please send back the "permission to test" forms for middle school qualification that came home on Friday.

My Wish for my Students