Friday, February 20, 2015

Our Short Week in PA

We have a short week of school because of conferences on Thursday and the county wide institute on Friday, but here is what we will be working on the rest of the week.

Kindergarten talent development students will be creating stick puppets of favorite Dr. Seuss characters.  These puppets will be used to tell a story that combines characters from different stories to create an original tale.

First grade talent development students will begin combining information gathered from multiple sources on an inspirational person.  The kids will be creating a poster with facts about the person's early life, their life's work, contributions made to the world, the later years, and other interesting information.  The research the kids have done so far has been quite impressive.  I am excited to see how it all comes together.

Second grade PA kids will finish their work on the 12 Olympian Gods this week and turn their attention to the myth of their 13th Olympian. The enthusiasm for this topic has been awesome.  We will soon begin learning about Greek architecture.

Third grade will be learning about verbs, linking verbs, and adverbs this week.  We will also be discussing ancient Egypt as a system.  What are the boundaries of the system, the inputs and outputs, the elements and how parts of the Egyptian system interact.

Fourth grade PA will be given the outline for a big project about neurological disorders this week.  There are links on the left side of the blog that we will be using in class all week that students should also begin to explore at home.  The websites are on different disorders that affect the central nervous system, and everyone will be investigating three of them in class.  The students will soon be selecting one of the three for a comprehensive research project. 

Fifth grade PA is shifting gears this week.  The kids are going to begin a unit on autobiographies and memoirs of well known writers.  I have about seven books to choose from for this project.  Once the autobiographies are read, students are going to begin reading novels written by the same author to see how their life experiences influenced the stories.  Kids should continue to be finding sources and information for the Capstone project as well.

My Wish for my Students