Friday, February 13, 2015

This Week in PA

Kindergarten talent development students will be working on a creative writing project based on the book Creepy Carrots during their time with me. The kids are developing their own version of this story.  Some of the titles the students developed last week were "Scary Salad", "Zombie Zucchini", and "Spooky Spinach." The books will be shared in homeroom classes when they are done.

First grade students will be working on their inspirational person reports.  This week, we will talk about using multiple sources for research and how to organize research into a report to share with their class.

Second Grade PA students are doing an amazing job learning about Ancient Greece.  The enthusiasm they have for mythology makes our 40 minutes fly by each day.  The independent research on the 12 Olympian Gods and Goddesses will be completed this week, inforgraphics will be in the works, and the 13th Olympian God/Goddess will be in the development stage.  The kids will write a myth about the new Olympian, name him or her using an etymology website, and a symbol and animal will be given to the God.  Look for these to be up in my window when you visit school.

Third Grade PA will continue to work on our grammar unit, but we will also begin a new unit on Ancient Egypt. The kids will be doing some work with maps, time lines, and we will be reading an Egyptian version of Cinderella to compare information about our culture to the culture of the Nile over 4,000 years ago.

The fourth graders will also be continuing their study of grammar this week and our investigation of neuroscience.  The kids are on the hook with neurology after watching the documentary on how the brain works last week. I have a link to the film on the blog under student resources.  This week we will begin to learn about the structure of the human brain and how it works.  We will be looking at interactive brain maps, MRI scans, and learning a lot of new vocabulary.

The fifth graders are going to be learning about Thomas Edison with me this week.  Our focus will be how he impacted different systems and how his work led to change around the world.  The 5th graders will have some homework on Wednesday and Thursday nights to complete.

Have a great week everyone!

My Wish for my Students