Thursday, February 26, 2015

This Week in Project Arrow

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Kindergarten talent development students are going to continue working on our Dr. Seuss mash-up puppet plays.  The kids will be focused on how story structure and the sequence of a story help the tale make sense. Partners will be mapping out two different Dr. Seuss classics, noting the important elements, the nonsense words used, and the pattern of the rhyming and the rhythm in the text.  I've been calling it, "Getting the Seuss in you" with the kids.  The partners will be writing a new story using elements from both books that will include rhyming.  The stories will be presented using the puppets we made last week.

First grade talent development students are doing a great job on their research project based on an inspirational person. This week the posters will be completed using a format that each student designed on their own. The next step is to learn about giving an oral presentation to our small group, and then to their whole class.

The Brookdale 7, aka second grade PA, will be learning about the nine Muses of Ancient Greece this week.  We will be reading about the nine Muses, investigating connections to the modern world with words like music and museum, and exploring the nine different categories of inspiration divined by these mythical creatures.  On Wednesday, the kids will be writing a proposal for a project inspired by one of the Muses that we will begin working on in class.  This project could be related to math, poetry, comedy, tragedy, history, music, architecture, geography, anything that the Muses had a role in inspiring.  This is a free form project, so I really don't know where the kids will take it, but I do know that it's going to be an explosion of creativity!

Third grade PA will begin learning about daily life in Ancient Egypt this week.  Partners will be researching a variety of topics using an amazing resource from The British Museum: We will also continue working on learning the ins and outs of grammar on Friday.  

Fourth grade PA will be selecting one of the three brain disorders we researched last week to use for their project.  I am going to devote two days of our time for the next three weeks for students to research their disorder using multiple sources. The kids and I will also continue to learn more about the English language on our grammar voyage.  We will also be exploring two landmark Supreme Court decisions that changed the direction of America, Plessy vs. Ferguson and Brown vs. The Board of Education of Topeka, KS. We will be learning about equity and what was meant by separate but equal.

Fifth grade will only have two days of PA this week.  The classroom teachers revised their schedules because of PARCC testing and wanted to move math to the PA time on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Because of the time lost, students should be working on their Capstone research at home for homework for at least an hour.  During our time in PA, we will be reading a few excerpts from Moby Dick to explore some of the grammar topics we have been learning, and we will be discussing the lives of the authors we are reading about as part of our autobiography unit. On Wednesday, the kids and I set due dates for a few parts of this unit:
  • Autobiography read by 3-13, post-it questions for Socratic Seminar written
  • Autobiography matrix due on 3-16
  • Novel by the same author brought to class on 3-18
  • Three essay questions due on 3-20

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