Friday, March 13, 2015

PA for the Week of 3-16

Kindergarten talent development students are going to be finishing their Dr. Seuss puppet plays this week.  The puppets are made, characters, settings, problem, and solutions have been mapped out, and now we need to write the scripts and practice the performances.  The plays will be shared with the students in their home kindergarten classes soon.

First graders are going to be finishing their inspirational person research posters this week, and then we are going to move on to a great book.  The picture book, White Socks Only, is an inspiring tale from the south during the Jim Crow era. 

The second grade PA kids will be finished with the Muse presentations created using Google Slides, so this week we will share them in class.  We will be investigating the roots of democracy in Ancient Greece, and taking a closer look at what daily life was like in these times.  What foods did they eat?  What were their houses like? How did the Ancient Greek people dress? We will also be learning about city states and the differences between them.  Did people identify as Greek, or as a Spartan or Athenian?

Third grade PA will be continuing with our grammar unit and investigating the tombs found in The Valley of the Kings, but we will diverge for three days to dive into an amazing picture book titled The 11th Hour. This mystery is filled with hidden clues in the text and pictures that will have the kids captivated!  This is one of my favorite activities that I do every year.

Fourth grade PA will have a guest speaker this week on Monday and Wednesday.  Dr. Saberwal will be speaking to the kids about the central nervous system and the brain disorders we are researching.  The rest of our time will be spent doing research for our brain project.

Fifth grade PA will dive into a Socratic Seminar using questions they wrote about how an author's life can impact their work.  I am excited about this discussion.  I peeked at the questions that triads wrote and know that they will be a catalyst for a great two day discussion.  We will also be reading two new articles on GMO's this week.  The best part about this activity is that the articles were brought in by two of the kids!  One article was found by Christian from Bloomberg Business, and Brett brought in an article he found in National Geographic. I couldn't resist continuing our discussion about the pros and cons of these crops.  Get ready for Annie guys!!!

My Wish for my Students