Friday, March 20, 2015

PA for the Week of 3-23

One more week until Spring Break!  Here is what we will be working on this week.

Kindergarten talent development students are going to spend one more day on our Dr. Seuss plays.  The final stories are really quite good!  The final copies will be coming home at the end of the week for you to see at home. Then, we are going to be using multiple sources to do a mini research project on animals.  This is a great website that we will be using in class:

First grade talent development is done with the research project on an inspirational person.  Once these are shared in their homeroom classes, they will be sent home.  We are going to switch gears from informational texts to poetry and figurative language this week using two of my favorite picture books.  We will be reading the 1942 classic by Virginia Lee Burton The Little House to learn about personification, and a new classic from 2013 titled Locomotive to learn about onomatopoeia. I'm going to take both groups at the same time this week so we will have 40 minutes!

Second grade PA will continue our investigation of Ancient Greece this week, beginning with the myth of Althena's Horn.  This is just your average story about a magical goat horn that provides food to Zeus as a boy.  This will lead into learning about some of the mythical creatures of Ancient Greece like the minotaur, centaur, and the three headed dog Cerberus. The students will be seeing images from ancient artifacts depicting the creatures and then creating their own mythological creature with a back story.

Third grade Project Arrow students will begin learning how the pyramids of Ancient Egypt were constructed.  I recently purchased a class set of a David Macaulay book titled Pyramid for the third graders.  The informational text gives extremely detailed information in both words and text, detailing the process of construction and the purpose of these wonders of the ancient world. The students will be exploring why they were built, how they were built, who built them, and what lies inside the monuments.  Did you know that when the Pyramids were built over 4,000 years ago, the sides were veneered with a smooth, polished white limestone and the capstone was encased in a mixture of silver and gold? I didn't...learning is cool!

Fourth grade PA will take a break from our Brain research on Monday to enjoy a picture book about a French man who walked a tightrope between the towers of The World Trade Center in 1972. The Man Who Walked Between the Towers won the Caldecott Award and is a great story.  We will watch a short clip of the Oscar winning documentary, Man on Wire, based on the event as well.  We will also be working on our grammar unit and we will continue our research on the brain.

The fifth grade Project Arrow students will be given some time to finish reading the novel that connects to the author memoir that was read earlier this month.  Teams of students will be working to create a visual that shows how the lives of the authors found their way into the fiction they wrote to show how their experiences in life shaped the characters and places they wrote about.  After Spring Break, we will be making a timeline for Capstone completion.  Have a great week everyone.

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