Thursday, April 9, 2015

PA for the Week of 4-13

Here is what we will be working on this week...

Kindergarten talent development students will be continuing their research on a topic of interest this week using  The kids will be writing a speech using the "data dashes" found online.  Data dashes are what they sound like, short snippets of data on a topic.  The first grade teachers use this phrase, so I'm using it as well.

First grade will be working in pairs to create their own page for our version of Animalia.  You can see the book trailer here:
The kids are learning about figurative language, and this week our focus is alliteration.  We decided as a group that to start the project, every pair needs to generate at least 100 words that begin with their letter of the alphabet. Quite the challenge! 

The second grade PA students will continue on our journey through Ancient Greece this week.  Our week will include some work with maps of Ancient Greece to identify important places, we will read the myth "Pandora's Box" and discuss what it is really about, and we will explore the structure of their political systems.

Third grade PA is going to be working with the language of the ancient Egyptians, hieroglyphics.  We will be writing our names, decoding messages, and creating secret messages to share with classmates. Below is a link to a hieroglyphic typewriter, for fun.

Fourth grade PA had great conversations about what our dreams mean, where they come from, and what influences them last week.  One student cracked me up by saying, "Oh, those rules my mom makes my brother and I follow are sort of smart." This week, we will finish up our work with dreams, plan the timeline for completing our brain disorder presentations (didn't get to this last week), continue our grammar unit, and we will begin learning about Harvard Professor Howard Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences.

The fifth graders will have some Capstone time this week on Wednesday in class.  Last week, we spent two days going over all of the questions kids had about this year long project.  Everyone has the rubric and detailed notes about what needs to be done, exactly what my expectations are for the work, and what the four parts of the final project will look like.  This is going to be a big writing project! The biggest project any of the students have ever done. Plan time at home to work on this because the kids will all need it.   I have eight days over the next two months with laptops, and I am going to set aside two solid weeks of PA time to work on writing the research paper.  The rest of our time this week will be spent finding poems that represent the spirit of Malala from our reading, and poems that represent who we are.  We will be using this poetry search engine:

My Wish for my Students