Wednesday, April 29, 2015

PA for the Week of 5-4

The schedule for PA is going to be shifted around this week because of CBM testing on Thursday and Friday, and due to the celebration on Friday afternoon for the whole school in the gym.  Here is what we will be working on this week:

Kindergarten talent development will continue to work on their PowerPoint presentations based on the animal research we worked on in class.  Everyone has 8 slides, backgrounds, pictures, and now we are working on writing down the facts that were gathered online over the past few weeks.

First grade talent development will be taking the idea of symbiotic relationships, a concept being taught in class about nature, and applying and extending that idea to characters in books.  There are three types of symbiotic relationships: mutualism, commensalism, and parasitism. The kids are going to be reading a variety of picture books to find examples of relationships characters have that fit into these three categories.

Second grade PA will start the week making a top ten list with the "Top Ten Reasons it's Good to Be ________" insert the name of an Olympian God or Goddess.  I got this idea from the PA teacher at Welch, she showed me a few examples, and I cannot wait to see what The Brookdale Seven come up with for this! Next, we are going to begin playing a math based problem solving game called The Athenian Secret.  This was another idea from fellow PA teachers that looks like it will be very engaging and fun. Teams of kids will be solving problems based on life in Ancient Greece.  

Third grade PA is going to finish up our illustrated, annotated timelines of Ancient Egyptian history and get ready for the summative assessment on our Ancient Egypt unit.  We will make a study guide in class that will come home on Tuesday night.  The test will be given on Wednesday and Thursday.

Fourth grade PA will have time all week to finish up their brain disorder presentations.  This is the final push to complete this work, so expect the kids to have some work to do at home as well.  Everyone has the date of their presentations written down, and we will begin presenting on May 11th.

Fifth grade PA will have the next two weeks of class time devoted to working on the Capstone project.  The group seems very excited about putting everything together for the TED Talk.  The presentations will begin June 1st.  Wow, June??? How did that happen?

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