Thursday, May 21, 2015

PA and TD for the Week of 5-26

Only eight days of PA and TD left for the is what we will be working on.

Kindergarten talent development will continue reading Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing during their time with me.  I am so impressed with the progress the kids have made as readers.  They are reading the novel to each other now, and the expression and fluency I have seen blows me away.  The kids are understanding the subtle differences in oral reading when looking at dialogue and italics.  It's pretty amazing.

The first graders and I will continue our exploration of the world of Shel Silverstein during our time together.  The "Lemonade" poems took a bit longer than I expected, but a few of the students were able to find over 100 words in their one word.  They really squeezed every drop out of their word to create their poems.

Second graders in PA are going to be working on a project that I used to do with my fourth grade students back in the day.  It's a project that I presented at the IAGC convention several times and it ties into what the kids have been doing in the classroom with different versions of Cinderella stories.  The kids are each going to design the shoe that Cinderella would have worn in a version of the classic fairy tale that they read in class.  The outside of the shoe will reflect how other characters view Cinderella while the inside of the shoe will show how Cinderella sees herself.  Did I mention that this will be done on a actual shoe? This is going to be a great way to end our year!

The third graders have been completely absorbed with the Kate DiCamillo novella The Tiger Rising.  The prose is so rich in this text, the characters are so engaging, and the mystery of what the tiger represents creates many opportunities for deep conversations about metaphors and inferring what motivates characters to do what they do.  Our work with this text will continue during our four days of PA this week.

The brain disorder presentations given by the fourth graders were outstanding.  Another teacher stopped by to give me something during one of the speeches, and she stayed to listen in for a while.  After school, she stopped me to say how impressed she was with what she saw.  She said she was "stunned" by the depth of the content and how polished the Google slides were.  The same goes for me!  Amazing work!  Our final project of the year is going to help all of the student at Brookdale.  The 4PA kids will be creating an annotated summer reading list for grades K-5 that will be posted on my website and on the LMC website for students to use over the summer.  Who better to create a list of engaging tales of wonder and adventure than some of the best book lovers at Brookdale?

5PA, it's finally here, our Capstone TED talks will be presented all week long.  16 ways to change the world as seen through the lens of a 5th grader. I cannot wait! 

My Wish for my Students