Friday, May 15, 2015

PA and TD for the Week of 5-18

Our schedule got shifted around a bit because I got to be a second grade teacher on Friday because of a shortage of subs, so things will be shifted a bit next week as well...

Kindergarten talent development has already read over 45 pages of our novel Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing.  Next week, we will continue reading and playing the amazing game SET.

First graders and I are going to explore the wonderfully bizarre and amazingly imaginative world of Shel Silverstein for the last weeks of school.  We will be reading his poetry and his picture books before attempting to write in his style.

The second graders in PA are going to continue working on our logic through "The Athenian Secret" during our time together.

The third graders and I are going to be reading a short novel by Kate DiCamillo titled The Tiger Rising.  The main idea of the novel is a metaphor, a metaphor that I'm hoping these amazing students will dive into with me as we read.  There are richly developed characters dealing with loss in this book, and did I mention the tiger?

The fourth graders will continue to present their brain presentations next week.  The first 1/2 of the kids did very well.  I am excited to see what the other kids have in store for us.  The kids will also be taking the summative neurology test on Thursday and Friday.  A study guide was given to everyone in class.

The fifth grade PA students have a bit of homework this week to finish up their Capstone projects.  We will begin presenting them a week from Monday.  I am thrilled with the depth of the work I have seen so far.  During our class time, we will be further exploring astrophysics through how starts are born, how stars die, how planets form, black holes, supermassive black holes, dark matter, and dark energy. Be sure that everyone reads the Neil deGrasse Tyson article I have linked on the blog...two posts down.  Have a great weekend everyone.

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