Thursday, October 8, 2015

PA and TD for the Week of 10-13

Kindergarten Talent Development will be learning about the game SET next week. SET builds cognitive, logical and spatial reasoning skills as well as visual perception skills while playing a game! Because it has a rule of logic (three cards that are all the same or all different in each individual feature), and because players must apply this rule to the spatial array of patterns all at once, they must use both left brain and right brain thought processes. This fun game actually exercises your brain!We will also be reading the Brother's Grimm classic, "Rumplestiltskin" to learn more about story elements.

First grade Talent Development will be learning about making inferences in a text. I will be using the picture book The Stranger by Chris Van Allsburg to introduce this concept.  We will then use the novel Frindle to continue making inferences as we read. 

Second grade Talent Development will rotate again this week, all new students will be joining me for a three week investigation of making inferences using picture books.  The basic formula for making in inference is like a math problem.  What the text says + my schema (prior knowledge) = my new understanding or an inference.  

Third grade PA will be presenting their Shine projects on Wednesday. The rest of the week we will be reading poetry about Autumn, discussing the elements of poetry, and writing our own poems about fall.

Fourth grade PA knows that our novel The Secret Garden should be finished by the time class starts on Tuesday.  This week, the kids will be selecting one of three comprehensive essay questions about the text. This essay will be written on a Google Doc in class.  There is a surprise on Friday!!!

Here are the three choices for the essay:

1) Throughout the novel, Mary and Colin are described as being "a perfect match" for one another. Why? What are their similarities?
When first we meet them, they are both extremely unlikable.
Does the narrator hold them responsible for their flaws?
If they are not responsible, who is? How do they change as the book progresses?

2)The Secret Garden, as its title suggests, is a novel organized around the motif of secrets. Which are the narrative's most pivotal secrets? How are they discovered? Explain the significance of the ways in which they are discovered. How do the “secrets” change the characters?

3) Compare Dickon's background with Mary's and Colin's.
How is it different? How do class differences function in the novel?
Why is Dickon so often described as "common"? Does this contradict or support the idea that he is "a Yorkshire angel"? Finally, select one of the three characters and explain why he or she is your favorite.

4) Examine the situation of servants in the novel. What is a servant's life like? How are they treated? How does the narrator regard servants? How does Mary’s attitude toward Martha evolve as the story progresses?

Fifth grade PA will be finishing up our look at the writing of Ray Bradbury in the next five days.  This week we will be reading a story about a time travel safari company looking for a T-Rex.  The kids will be focused on the themes of the stories we have read, how the idea of change can be found in every story we read, and what it is about Bradbury's writing that draws the reader in so well.  Wednesday is our Capstone day, the kids will begin to write their project proposals.  The final proposal is due on Wednesday the 21st, and all of the work will be done at school.

My Wish for my Students