Monday, October 19, 2015

PA and TD for the Week of 10-19

Last week was a bit crazy as I was the music teacher on Monday, and the sub I had for Friday got pulled to teach kindergarten.  Hopefully this week will be a regular week for the kids.  

Kindergarten Talent Development will be spending the week with the Brother's Grimm.  We will be reading Rumplestiltskin, making predictions, and looking for the magic number 3 in this fairy tale.  On Friday we will also begin to work on some logic puzzles that require some out of the box thinking. 

First Grade Talent Development will be revisiting a writing activity we did last year using the book Creepy Carrots.  Last year, the kids worked on a new version of the story using vegetables.  Who could forget Spooky Spinach or Bad Broccoli? This week...we're going for the fruit with our "Frightening Fruit" stories.  I am excited to see where the kids go with this creative writing assignment.

Second Grade Talent Development will spend the week moving through different stations in my classroom to explore the wonderful wordless picture books of David Weisner.  Students will be making inferences to find the narrative of the tales. 

Third Grade PA will finish their presentations for our Shine School on Monday.  On Tuesday, we will begin reading a short story titled "The Green Man", a story with an environmental theme.  The class will have some reflection homework as the week goes on.  We will be investigating theme with this story, and with a collection of fables. 

Fourth Grade PA will have until Thursday to finish their essay on The Secret Garden.  This week, we will be watching the Francis Ford Coppola film version of the book.  The kids and I will have a Socratic Seminar to discuss which version told the story better, the book or the film.  We will then get into teams to compare the concept of change in The Secret Garden and The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane which the kids read in their classrooms.  Teams will be making posters to compare the examples of change, and the themes of the two books. 

Fifth Grade PA will be finishing up our work with Ray Bradbury this week with a two day Socratic Seminar comparing the themes of all of the stories we have read, and looking at the stories from a writer's perspective to uncover how this author creates suspense and draws the reader in.  The students are now running the seminars and doing a fantastic job.  later in the week, we will spend some time with a short story titled "Ghost Cat" from The William and Mary curriculum.

Have a great week...go Cubbies! 

My Wish for my Students