Thursday, November 5, 2015

Project Arrow and Talent Development for the Week of 11-9

Kindergarten TD students will continue working on comparing story elements this week during our time together.  We will begin by making a Venn Diagram together using two books we have already completed, then it will get a little more challenging.  We are going to compare two books that are very similar The Day the Crayons Quit and The Day the Crayons Came Home. There are so many similarities in the two books, so finding the differences will take some time and a lot of mental energy. The kids will be working in teams using huge chart paper to note the differences in the two books. 

First Grade TD has some homework this weekend.  Everyone came home on Thursday with their copy of the novel Frindle.  The assignment is to read all the way up to chapter 15 by Monday, about 12 pages. We will be discussing the book, but we will also be going to the LMC to check out an informational text and a literary text on the same topics to create a Venn Diagram that compares the structure of the texts, not the information read.  How are the types of books organized? How is information shared?  Are the illustrations and pictures the same?

Second Grade TD will rotate again this week with 11 new students coming to see me for the next month.  Our first task will be learning about the mood and tone of stories and how authors create the mood and tone in picture books. I will be defining tone as "the author's attitude towards the subject of the book" and mood as "the emotions the story arouses in a reader."  Deep topics for second grade, but a fun way to explore the first steps to becoming deeper readers. 

Third Grade PA will be continuing with our grammar unit on parts of speech, and we will begin diagramming sentences.  The class will also continue reading the novel The Girl Who Owned a City.  There are two main questions we will be focused on as we read that come from 4th grade ELA standards:
1) Our identity is influenced by relationships and experiences. How are Lisa and Todd’s experiences changing their identity? Use specific evidence from the text to make your thinking visible.

2) Change impacts people and our relationships by causing us to respond. How are Lisa and Todd responding to change differently than their neighbors? Use specific evidence from the text to make your thinking visible.

The class will be writing 8-10 sentence answers to these questions that will be due on Friday, possible homework to finish.

Fourth Grade PA needs to finish the short novel Call it Courage by Monday. We will be working with a new strategy to share our thinking about the book called color, symbol, image. As we go through Call It Courage, students will make note of things that they found interesting, important, or insightful and choose 3 of these items that stood out the most. For one of these, kids choose a color that they feel best represents or captures the essence of that idea. For another one, choose a symbol that they feel best represents or captures the essence of that idea. For the other one, choose an image that they feel best represents or captures the essence of that idea. These will be shared in groups, and then everyone will begin writing their letters to The Newbery Committee explaining why the book should or should not have been given the medal in 1941 using the criteria set out by the ALA. On Friday, Mrs. Furstenau and I will be giving book talks about the novels up for the Newbery in 2016 that we will begin reading.

Fifth Grade PA will be spending our week working on Capstone projects and reading the two novels Crossover and Brown Girl Dreaming.

My Wish for my Students