Friday, December 18, 2015

Thank You!!!

Thank you for all of the warm wishes, gift cards, treats, and tokens of kindness this holiday.  Have an amazing two weeks with your families and look for a new post for our first week of 2016 on the 3rd.  Merry Everything!!!!

Mr. Schumann

Friday, December 11, 2015

A Poem....

One of the fourth graders wrote this version of Dream Deferred by Langston Hughes in class today.  I had to share...

What happens to a dream deferred?
Does it fall continuously through the dark?
Or, does it slide around like sap in the bark?
Does it jump and move trying to be free?
Or, does it get afraid and then flee?
Maybe it just mopes.
Or does it suddenly get tied to ropes?

Sort of love my job!!!!

TED Talks to Watch with Kids

The 5th graders and I got inspired by the TED talk titled In the Internet Age, Dance Evolves.  It's pretty amazing! 

PA and TD for the Week of 12-14

Kindergarten Talent Development will be writing final copies of our Snowmen at Night stories, illustrating them, creating a cover, and sharing the books with each other on Friday morning.  The kids have worked really hard on these and came up with some very creative tales. 

First Grade Talent Development will continue to read James and the Giant Peach during our final week of the year.  The students have really been captivated by this adventure story.  Everyone in the group should have brought home a flyer for the trip to see the play over break yesterday.  This is not a school trip, but an event set up by Alex's mom to see James and the Giant Peach, the play at Center Stage Theater on January 2nd at 7:00 PM.  I look forward to seeing some of my first grade friends and their families.  I just looked on the website, and two of my former students from May Watts are in the cast!

For Tickets:

About the play: 

Second Grade Talent Development will be finishing their creative writing projects with me this week.  

Third Grade PA will continue to match poetry with their identity this week.  This is an interesting introspective journey for the kids, reading dozens of poems, and finding ones that speak to who they really are.  We will be writing seven word summaries of the themes, and paragraphs that explain what about the poems connects with how the kids see themselves.  On Friday, we will share some of the poems that the kids picked. 

Fourth Grade PA will be working on our Harlem Renaissance themed poetry and working on analyzing a longer poem titled  "Freedom's Plow" in pairs.  If we have enough time, we will begin reading a short story by Isaac Singer titled "Zlateh the Goat" and discussing the themes of trust and interdependence. 

Fifth Grade PA will be finishing our research for the mini-TED talks we worked on all last week.  The talks won't be given until the second week of January. Students will be developing their visual component to the project and begin writing their scripts. 

Have a wonderful two weeks off everyone! 

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Program Identification

CogAT scores have been sent home, and many parents are asking about how we identify students for placement in Project Arrow.  Everything you need to know is at this link:

Letters will be sent home with students the academic team at Brookdale have selected for testing along with parent requests on January 7th.

How to read the CogAT results:

Monday, December 7, 2015

PA and TD for the Week of 12-7

Kindergarten Talent Development will be spending the week with a great picture book titled Snowmen at Night.  We will be creating story maps to learn more about story elements, and then the kids are going to be working together to write their own version of the story that shows what snow people do when we are sleeping. 

First Grade Talent Development will continue reading James and the Giant Peach this week.  We will be talking about how this odd group of people create a very diverse community and if there are any traditions that this band of travelers are developing. 

Second Grade Talent Development will switch up this week with a new group of 13 students.  We will be working on a creative writing assignment using photographs of snowmen in interesting situations and poses.  These will become characters in a picture book that we will be working on for the next two weeks. 

Third Grade PA will be presenting their projects in class on Tuesday, and then we will move into a mini-unit on poetry and themes. The students will be searching a poetry database to find poems that express their identity and how they see themselves. We will also be looking at song lyrics for this activity to find a song that your child identifies with.

Fourth Grade PA will continue our work with Langston Hughes' poetry from The Harlem Renaissance. The kids and I will be dissecting some off his poems to better understand them.

Fifth Grade PA will begin their research for the TED talk on an inspirational young person this week.  

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

5th Grade TED Talk Examples

Starting on the 7th of December, the fifth grade PA students will begin a mini-research project on an inspirational young person that they will turn into a TED talk to give to the class.  All of the specifics will be shared in class, but the link above is a great place to start.  The TED talks are all given by young people about one of their passions...sound familiar?  This short TED talk will prepare the kids for the big Capstone TED talk that everyone will be giving in May. I'm sharing this link to Time Magazine's "30 Under 30" list of inspiring young people with the kids next week:
This list is just a suggested starting place, but the students can give their TED talk on ANY inspirational young person.  

Note to Parents: Skip the TED talk titled " A Warrior's Cry Against Child Marriage" as it contains material not appropriate for 5th grade.

My Wish for my Students