Monday, December 7, 2015

PA and TD for the Week of 12-7

Kindergarten Talent Development will be spending the week with a great picture book titled Snowmen at Night.  We will be creating story maps to learn more about story elements, and then the kids are going to be working together to write their own version of the story that shows what snow people do when we are sleeping. 

First Grade Talent Development will continue reading James and the Giant Peach this week.  We will be talking about how this odd group of people create a very diverse community and if there are any traditions that this band of travelers are developing. 

Second Grade Talent Development will switch up this week with a new group of 13 students.  We will be working on a creative writing assignment using photographs of snowmen in interesting situations and poses.  These will become characters in a picture book that we will be working on for the next two weeks. 

Third Grade PA will be presenting their projects in class on Tuesday, and then we will move into a mini-unit on poetry and themes. The students will be searching a poetry database to find poems that express their identity and how they see themselves. We will also be looking at song lyrics for this activity to find a song that your child identifies with.

Fourth Grade PA will continue our work with Langston Hughes' poetry from The Harlem Renaissance. The kids and I will be dissecting some off his poems to better understand them.

Fifth Grade PA will begin their research for the TED talk on an inspirational young person this week.  

My Wish for my Students