Sunday, February 21, 2016

PA and TD for the Week of 2-22

Kindergarten Talent Development will begin a novel study this week.  We will be reading Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing by Judy Blume.  The story is about the adventures of two brothers, Peter and Fudge, living in New York, trying to fly, and accidentally eating a turtle.  It is filled with humor and I'm sure the kids will love reading it together.  The kids will be recording facts about the story elements and characters as we read.

First Grade Talent Development is going to have an awesome week reading about robotics.  I have three articles about three different robots, a robotic cockroach, a robotic jellyfish, and a robotic penguin.  We will discuss what they were created for, how they can help people, and yes the kids will also be designing their own animal robot next week!

Second Grade Talent Development will be continuing our investigation of the 12 Olympian God and Goddesses of Ancient Greece.  This week, the kids will begin a project where they will create their own 13th Olympian God or Goddess.  I'm looking forward to seeing their creative sides shine this week.

Third Grade PA will be finishing up our exploration of The Valley of the Kings this week.  Now that the kids have explored the tombs in the Pyramids and the Valley of the Kings, and learned how and why they were built, it's time to design their own Ancient Egyptian tomb!  We will start this project this week.

Fourth Grade PA will be working on our neurology research all week long. 

Fifth Grade PA students need to finish reading and annotating their autobiographies by the beginning of PA on Friday.  The kids will have time in class on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday to read and annotate.  Wednesday is a Capstone Day, and on Friday, teams of students will be working on a "Visible Thinking" strategy called color, symbol, image in teams using their author's life story as the focus.  

My Wish for my Students