Friday, March 11, 2016

PA and TD for the Week of 3-14

Kindergarten and First Grade Talent Development will be learning three challenging math games this week.  The good news is, the kids will all be coming home with the game boards and directions so they can teach you at home.  The only extra materials that you will need are items that you already have at home.  

Second Grade Talent Development will begin to explore the city states of Ancient Greece this week, beginning with Athens.  Using a variety of sites that I have linked on this website, the students will be researching what daily life was like, how a direct democracy works, how Athens got its name, and what school was like in Ancient Greece.

Third Grade PA will continue our work on the slide shows.  The project will wrap up on Friday.

Fourth Grade PA will begin the week presenting their brain disorder projects.  The class has worked hard on these presentations and I am excited to see their final shows.  Then, we will move into how the brain creates dreams.  What are dreams?  Why do we dream? Can we control our dreams?  The kids will begin keeping a dream journal at home on Monday night. 

Fifth Grade PA will be finishing their A to Z writing about Morris Lessmore at home this weekend, our time was cut short because of the talent show, but the group was very excited about finishing this challenge.  Next week, we will be reading a short story titled "Ghost Cat" and using it to further examine themes in literature.  Next, we will be spending a few days with the poem "Nothing Gold Can Stay" by Robert Frost to discuss alliteration, metaphor, and again the theme.  Finally we will read the work of a contemporary poet, Billy Collins, titled "On Turning Ten" about what we leave behind once we reach the double digits.  All of the Capstone research should be complete by Wednesday, approximately 30 sources.  Next, we begin putting the final project together.  All of the details will be posted next week.  

My Wish for my Students