Thursday, March 24, 2016

PA and TD for the Week of 4-4

PA progress reports will come home on Friday the 24th in backpacks.  Please look for them. 

I hope that everyone has a wonderful Spring Break!  Relax and enjoy time with each other.  This is what we will be working on when we come back on April 4th.

Kindergarten Talent Development will start off 4th quarter comparing fictional ants in Chris Van Allsburg's Two Bad Ants and One Hundred Hungry Ants by Elinor J. Pinczes to facts that we learn about real ants on Pebble Go and DK Find Out.  How do ants in picture books compare to ants in the real world?  How are they the same?  How are they different?  We will be having a whole lot of fun with ants!!

First Grade Talent Development will be learning about making generalizations based on two different informational articles we will read together.  One article is about an ice cream shop and the other is about the Apollo missions in the 1960's. The kids will learn what a generalization is and how we can use them when we read.  The kids will also begin a letter home from space, pretending that they are on a mission to the moon.

Second Grade Talent Development is going to finish up their venn diagrams comparing Athens to Sparta to begin our week together.  Then, we will be learning about Ancient Greek pottery and how it shows what life was like long ago.  We will be looking at about 15 different examples, and using them to make inferences about life in Ancient Greece.  The class will then design a modern vase to show what life is like today.  Here is an example of one of the vases we will be studying:
Third Grade PA was captivated by the documentary we began before break on the 10 greatest discoveries of Ancient Egypt.  The kids have about four pages of notes!  We will finish this on Monday and Tuesday, and then jump into three days of grammar, reviewing the 8 parts of speech and sentence diagramming. 

Fourth Grade PA took a slight detour the week before break and learned about the conscious and unconscious brain, and we had some amazing conversations in class.  This week, we will get back on track and learn about the two hemispheres of the brain.  I have a few complex articles to dissect with them, and then we will all be taking an online right brain left brain test. On Thursday and Friday, we will jump back into grammar.

Fifth Grade PA begins fourth quarter with a short story titled "Enchanted Sticks" but I don't want to give any of the plot away.  Wednesday is our Capstone day to work on the summary of our research.  This was all presented in class before break, and all of the kids have started this writing project.  If they would like to work on this over break they sure can.  Our week will end with two articles about the benefits of microbial life inside the human body.  

My Wish for my Students