Friday, May 13, 2016

Last Week of PA and TD

The final day of PA and TD this year will be May 23rd.  It's been a great year with the kids, but we still have a few things we will be doing next week...

Kindergarten TD will be working on something special to share with their teachers during the final week of school.  

First Grade TD really blew my mind last week with their fairy tale mash-up stories.  The way the pairs were working together, the conversations they had, and their ability to truly listen to each others' ideas was impressive.  We will be working on these stories all week long.

Second Grade TD will complete the Athenian Secret problem solving challenge during out time together.

3PA will finish reading the Kate DiCamillo novel The Tiger Rising during the last days of PA.  We are following the trail of three metaphors in this piece of prose and trying to figure out how they connect.  What do the suitcase, Rob's Legs, and the tiger represent?

4PA will be making our own version of an art instillation done in Emily Dickinson's hometown of Amherst, MA.  The kids are going to make a "little white house" that shows the meaning of one of Dickinson's poems.  The conversations we have had about the messages of her poetry have been impressive.  

5PA has reached the finish line of the Capstone project!  I will have the fifth graders all day on the 18th and 19th.  This was the only way to get through 27 20-30 minute presentations. I am so proud of the work that the kids have done on this year-long project and I cannot wait to celebrate all of the amazing work this group has done.  

Presenting on the 18th: 
Maggie, Liam, Matthew, Teagan, Catherine, Aarushi, Anthony, Aadit, Dylan, Madoc, Jash, Jack, Ana, and Eliza.

Presenting on the 19th:
Claire, Patrick, Grace, Corinne, Achint, Katie, Asher, Connor, Zachary, Jayden, Kate, , Daniel, and Arkesh.

My Wish for my Students