Friday, May 6, 2016

PA and TD for the Week of 5-9

Thank you all so very much for making this past week so special.  Teaching is a great way to spend a day, especially when the students love to learn and think as much as the little people I see every day do. Next year will be my 20th year as a teacher, so I have some experience with teacher appreciation weeks. The thoughtful notes from you and your children recharge that 22year old who set up his first classroom at Brokdale in 1996. Books I buy using your generous Amazon gift card will be added to my collection, some will sit next to books from my first students. There are three dozen roses in my dining room, several Target gift cards, and a month of free coffee from your kindness. Thank you. 

Kindergarten TD will be having fun with two picture books this week.  Animals Should Definitely NOT Wear Clothes is a silly collection of animals struggling to wear human clothing.  The kids will be adding their own page to this book.  The other story, The Book of Bad Ideas, is a humorous collection of "errors in judgment" that many kids make. The kids will also be creating a page for this book.  

First Grade TD have been split into pairs for the final activity of the year. The groups will be taking two fairy tales and writing a "Fairy Tale Mash-Up" using the best parts of both books.  I wonder what the three little pigs would do with Cinderella???

Second Grade TD will be working in two teams to solve puzzles inspired by Ancient Greek mathematicians.  The "Flaming Lightning Bolts" and "The Greeks" are the two team names the kids selected, and they will be competing against each other doing some out of the box higher-level problem solving.  

Third Grade PA will finish their Egypt assessment this week and then move on to the final project of the year.  We will be reading the novel The Tiger Rising by Kate Di Camillo.  This is a wonderful piece of prose that layers many themes and metaphors that we will be discussing as a group. 

Fourth Grade PA will continue our investigation of the life and poetry of Emily Dickinson this week.  

Fifth Grade PA has our last five days of Capstone time before the presentations begin on the 18th.  The summary should be completed by Monday or Tuesday, and then the group will work on finishing up their implementation plans, the visual, and then the speeches.  It is an expectation that the kids be working on this at home each night to get the final parts of the project ready to go.  I am thrilled with what I have seen so far from this amazing group of independent learners!  

My Wish for my Students