Thursday, September 29, 2016

PA and TD for the Week of 10-3

We are excited to welcome author Aaron Becker to Brookdale on Monday for 3-5 students, and my 2nd grade TD group.  Because of his visit, 5PA will only have 30 minutes on Monday.  I didn't forget the little kids when scheduling author visits, Olympic Gold Medalist and best selling author Kristi Yamaguchi will be at Brookdale on the 19th to speak to K-2 about her new book Cara's Kindness. Here is what the kids will be working on this week...

Kindergarten is still making dots with me, and we are having a blast!  This week I'm off to KJ and KB.

First Grade Talent Development small groups began last week with the classic fairy tale Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, the Grimm version from 1812. This week we will be discussing the elements that make up a fairy tale.  Common themes of good vs. evil, magical elements, royal characters, poverty, and reoccurring numbers and patterns will be charted as we read Rapunzel as a group, and then student pairs will be reading a variety of fairy tales on their own. 
Second Grade TD will begin a great realistic fiction novel by Andrew Clements titled Frindle this week.  This is a story about a boy who invents a word that really catches on. We will be discussing word origins and looking for examples of how characters change over time. This group of second graders will be missing some of their specials on Monday to attend Aaron Becker's presentation. 
3PA will begin our week with a poem called "Letting My Mask Fall" about being comfortable with yourself and who you are.  We will then take a turn into science fiction with a short novel titled The Green Book by Jill Paton Walsh.  This is a story about a group of refugees from Earth who are forced to begin anew on a distant planet called Shine.  This is an engaging story about how change and challenges faced by characters can lead to thinking about things in a whole new way.
4PA will go deeper into Misselthwaite Manor with Mary Lennox in The Secret Garden. This week we will be analyzing different types of conflict characters face from multiple perspectives. 

5PA will take our first steps in the Capstone Project this week.  Students will be examining their passions and how they can lead to a positive change in the world.  Capstone in a nutshell, all the fifth graders will be developing an idea to change a system for the better this year to make the world a better place.  We will be working on this project 1 day a week all year long.  Lots more to come, but for now, baby steps!  The kids will also be reading our third Ray Bradbury story titled "The Veldt."  This is a sci-fi short story about a nursery in the future where the walls come to life based on what the kids inside it are imagining.  It's another great read! 

My Wish for my Students