Thursday, September 22, 2016

PA and TD for the Week of 9-26

Schumann's Selections is a new shelf in the LMC that I am excited about.  While the shelf is for all of our students, I'm going to be adding my favorite picks for higher-level readers with my students in mind.  Kids are always asking me for book recommendations, this shelf is a way of always having a few good ideas to choose from.  Look for it the next time you are at school. 

Kindergarten students will continue to come to my room to make their "dots" based on the picture book I read with them earlier this month.  So far, KK and KC have all made dots which will be turned into 3D dots to be used in an LMC lesson in the coming weeks.  This week, I'm off to KP.

First Grade Talent Development will begin meeting with me, four days a week for 40 minutes, this week.  Talent Development groups are flexible and students will rotate in and out based on classroom performance, performance in TD, and other standardized measures that all students take during the school year.  For our first week, we will be diving into Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. This is a long story, requiring a lot of mental stamina, but it is also a wonderful fairy tale.  We will be learning about conflict in stories and how different conflicts are resolved.

Second Grade Talent Development will start the year off looking at the wordless picture books of Aaron Becker.  Mr. Becker will be coming to Brookdale on October 3rd, and my second grade students will join our 3-5th graders at his assembly.  We will be discussing how a story can be told using only pictures, we will write a summary of the adventure tale, and the students will begin to create an imaginary world of their own using a doorway drawn with a simple crayon. Second grade TD groups are also flexible and follow the same protocol as first grade, and soon my new K groups. 

3PA will continue with our work using "The Ugly Duckling" this week.  Teams of three students are creating huge maps of the story that include examples of change, ideas from the text seen from multiple perspectives, evidence that contributes to the theme of the story, and word webs that define the complex vocabulary used in the text. 

4PA will begin reading the 1901 classic The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett this week.  I have a link to the audio book on the left side under "student resources" that will help the students with the complex language and dialects used in the text.  The group will be creating a chart with facts and assumptions about the main characters as they read.  We will begin the week with a Google slide show intended to build background knowledge about Victorian times in England.  I will be showing different images of moors and the plants that thrive there, manor homes, roles of servants, and how the upper class lived to paint a picture of Mary's world. 

5PA will be working on a short project to start the week off using Ray Bradbury's "All Summer in a Day."  I'm going to ask the students to become members of the Venusian School Board, and give recommendations on how to discipline the students who locked Margot in the closet and prevented her from seeing the sun on the one day it comes out every seven years.  We will watch a 25 minute film version of the story to compare which did a better job of telling the story, and then we will begin reading the 1950 short story "The Rocket" by Bradbury.  This is a wonderful story about a loving father who wants his children to see Mars using a rocket he builds at home.  

My Wish for my Students