Thursday, October 20, 2016

Project Arrow and Talent Development for the Week of 10-24

Kindergarten TD will be spending the week with Osmo.  Osmo is a game system that connects to an iPad, and it literally blew my mind when Mrs. Furstenau shared it with me.  It would take me some time to explain all it can do, so you can explore the possibilities here: We have ten Osmo's in our LMC at Brookdale.

First Grade TD will be learning about making inferences this week.  Making an inference is like reading between the lines in a story.  We will be using a formula of sorts, my schema + what the text says = a new understanding.  I'm going to be sharing three picture books by Jon Klassen for our work this week.  My favorite one is This is Not My Hat. 

Second Grade TD  groups are rotating beginning on Monday.  As I shared at the beginning of the year, the TD groups are flexible so we can provide literacy enrichment to a wide group of our students.  The new group is going to be learning about and writing Haiku poetry this week. A  Haiku is a three line poem, usually about nature, that follows a 5-7-5 syllable pattern.  We will be venturing outside to observe nature as a pre-writing strategy and writing as many examples of this style of poetry as we can! 

Third Grade PA will be finishing up our Shine projects this week.  The kids will have Monday-Thursday to complete the different stages of the project, and the two teams will present their ideas on Friday. 

Fourth Grade PA will complete our work with The Secret Garden this week.  Kids know that the book needed to be read by 10-21.  The comprehensive essay that I assigned is going to be due at the beginning of PA on Thursday.  The kids will have Monday-Wednesday at school to work on their writing, but some of the students may need to work on this at home over the weekend and next week for homework.  On Thursday, we will begin the Francis Ford Coppola film version of the novel.  We will be comparing the two media in an activity for the following week. 

Fifth Grade PA will start the week with a two-three day Socratic seminar on all of the Ray Bradbury tales we have read this quarter.  We will be working on the Capstone passion examiners on Wednesday, and the students should also be exploring their passions at home using the form that I gave out last week. Our week will end with a few articles on living in regions of the world where the sun does not rise for months at a time and does not come out at all for part of the year.  The kids and I will discuss what impact this has one different systems.  

My Wish for my Students