Friday, November 18, 2016

PA and TD for the Week of 11-21

Kindergarten TD will be reading two different books on caterpillars this week.  The kids and I will be looking for similarities and differences between the two fiction stories.

First Grade TD will be working on how to have partner discussions based on the Eric Carle picture book The Tiny Seed. I created a Google slide presentation with scaffolded questions that get progressively more challenging for the kids to discuss in pairs. 
Second Grade TD will spend our two days this week with an article about a group of ice cream shops.  The article is filled with tables and graphs that we will analyze, looking for customer trends like which day of the week is the most popular, what flavors people buy, and we will make generalizations about the businesses based on the data presented. 

Third Grade PA will continue our journey with Lisa and Todd while we discuss how characters respond to change.  The class will also begin creating a virtual model of Grandville using CoSpaces

Fourth Grade PA will also be using CoSpaces to recreate the world described in their Newbery books.  This world will show the setting, characters, important events, and it will be annotated for classmates to get an idea of what the book is all about and why the reader believes it was worthy of the award.

Fifth Grade PA will be using our two days for Capstone research. 

My Wish for my Students