Monday, November 28, 2016

PA and TD for the Week of 11-28

Kindergarten Talent Development will be focusing on story elements this week using a deck of "Story Cards" that have different elements that make up a story. We will be learning about the oral tradition where stories were passed down from generation to generation. Pairs of students will be given different cards that they will put together to create a story they can share orally with the class.  

First Grade Talent Development will be researching a topic that the kids will pick based on their interests.  We will learn about infographics, pictures that are annotated with information, and then create one based on the topic that was researched. Here is an example that I will be sharing in class:
Second Grade Talent Development will begin reading a novel by Dan Gutman titled The Homework Machine, and then we will work in groups to create a machine that will do something else that needs to be done, but might not be the most fun to do.  
3PA will finish our virtual reality models of Grandville, and then move on to part two of our book.  The "City" in The Girl Who Owned a City will be revealed and kids will be taking detailed notes to create a virtual reality model of the second part of this engaging tale. 

4PA will finish up the virtual reality models of our Newbery books this week in class.  The kids will be creating a rubric for assessing the project, and then, using Google Cardboard, walk through each project and assess them.  The kids will also be developing questions for a Socratic seminar comparing books for kids written in the 1940's to the contemporary books we just finished reading. 

5PA will continue to work on our TED talk about a young person who was a catalyst for change.  The students will begin presenting their TED talks next week. You can see a TED talk about Google Cardboard at the top of the PA site.  

My Wish for my Students