Friday, November 4, 2016

PA and TD for the Week of 11-7

Please bring your son or daughter to our conferences on Monday and Thursday evening.

Kindergarten TD will be working on several logic problems this week to develop problem solving and critical thinking skills. 

First Grade TD will be learning about how to write an opinion piece that is supported by direct evidence from a book.  The kids will become book critics as they evaluate two different picture books, form an opinion about which book was better, and writing a paragraph that explains their choice. 

Second Grade TD will be reading the 1857 Grimm story "Little Red Cap" and comparing it to a Chinese version of Little Red Riding Hood titled Lon Po Po.  

Third Grade PA will continue reading The Girl Who Owned a City.  Our focus is how experiences characters have shape their identity and lead to change. 

Fourth Grade PA began reading the 1941 winner of the Newbery Medal last week, and we will continue to read this short novel in class this week.  As we read, we will be discussing the criteria used in the selection process for the award as well as how Mafatu's journey creates change.

Fifth Grade PA will begin the research for the Capstone Project on Wednesday.  I'm going to share a few forms with the class for recording the sources found as well as a progress log that will track their work.  On Thursday, we will be reading a chapter from the classic novel Little Women. We will focus on how Jo's writing impacts the family system.    

My Wish for my Students