Thursday, December 15, 2016

Last Week of PA and TD 2016

Kindergarten and First Grade TD will end the year using their creativity and holiday spirit to create their own version of a house in a really wonderful book for this time of year, The Amazing Christmas Extravaganza by David Shannon.  The story is about over-doing holiday lights and making the neighbors a bit cranky. We will read the book, design a light display, and then we will watch a few short videos of over the top light displays...just some fun to end 2016. All of the first graders can take Frindle home over break to finish, if they are not done by Monday. 
Second Grade TD will finish our presentations on natural disasters on Tuesday, I hope, and then share them with the group.  This may carry over into the first week we are back in 2017.  The pairs have been doing an excellent job on this project! 

3PA will end 2016 with one of my favorite books, The 11th Hour by Graeme Base.  The story follows a mystery at the 11th birthday of an elephant held at the 11th hour of the day.  He prepares a feast for the party, but when the time comes to dine, the feast is gone!  There are over 1,000 clues hidden in the pictures that lead to discovering who ate the feast. The kids will be using Morse Code, using mirrors to read da Vinci writing, reading the roots of plants, and many more unconventional methods of reading to find out who ate the feast.  
4PA will stay in the 1920's for the last week of 2016, continuing to explore the Harlem Renaissance through the poetry of Langston Hughes.  We will be expanding our work to look at visual artists and we will be listening to some amazing music from Duke Ellington, Billie Holiday, and Louis Armstrong to round out the year. 
5PA will continue researching the good and bad of using GMO's in the human food chain for the three days we will be having PA this week.  The kids and I have had some good conversations about the six articles I gave them to read.  This week, the kids will be finding their own sources to help solidify which side of this issue they side with. 

My Wish for my Students