Thursday, December 1, 2016

PA and TD for the Week of 12-5

Kindergarten TD groups will be rotating some new students in and some students who have been coming to see me will be rotating back to their homerooms beginning on Monday. The kids and I will be exploring snowflakes together through two books.  The first, Snowflake Bentley, is an informational text about the first person to take photographs of snowflakes. You can read more about him here:  The second book is a classic literary text, The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats. We will be comparing the two books, examining the hexagonal structure of snowflakes, and we will create a snowflake of our own. 
First Grade TD will start the week off finishing the infographics we worked on last week.  The kids are creating giant informational posters on tornadoes, koalas, George Washington, droughts, chipmunks, and more.  When these are done, we will begin reading the novel Frindle.  A few weeks ago I had Frindle in my plans for second grade, but I forgot that we read the book in first grade, so all of this might sound familiar.  It's hard to keep all six grade levels straight in my head sometimes.  I know the kids will love this chapter book. 

Second Grade TD will also rotate students beginning on Monday. Most of the kids who have been in the group will be rotating back to their homerooms, and a new batch of students will be joining me for a unit on natural disasters.  We will be researching tsunamis, lahars, and sinkholes.  We will be reading books, watching a few videos, and finding facts online for this project. 

3PA will explore the worlds from The Girl Who Owned a City using Google Cardboard on Monday and Tuesday.  Some of the kids may need to polish up their work over the weekend on CoSpaces. Moving forward this week, the class will be exploring poetry on  We will be looking for examples of poems or songs that connect with our identity.  

4PA will be exploring the VR Newbery worlds and assessing each other as we use Google Cardboard at the start of the week. The fourth grade PA kids will also have a special opportunity to join the first and second graders at an assembly with last year's winner of the Newbery Medal who will be at Brookdale as a part of Naperville Reads.  We will use the questions the kids generated for our Socratic seminar comparing children's literature from the 1940's to contemporary fiction, and then we will begin a new unit about the poetry and art of the Harlem Renaissance.  Our main focus will be the poetry of Langston Hughes. 

5PA will be taking a standardized reading test, Gates-MacGinnity, in PA on Monday and Tuesday.  This is a test given to every fifth grader in District 204.  The TED talks will be given in class on Wednesday and Thursday, and then we will move into some informational reading about the pros and cons of GMO's.  Bioengineering advancements have allowed for the creation of genetically modified organisms that are in the human food chain.  Is this a good thing, or is it a bad thing?  We will be reading and researching this for a Socratic seminar in the next few weeks. 

My Wish for my Students