Thursday, January 26, 2017

PA for the Week of 1-30

Project Arrow testing will continue next week at Brookdale.  Our schedule is posted here, just scroll down. 

3PA will again only meet on Friday of this week to continue our exploration of the pyramids of Egypt.  Why they were constructed, how they were constructed, and their significance will all be discussed.

4PA will have a full week next week, meeting every day.  We are going to begin our neuroscience unit on Monday with a PBS documentary titled "How Does the Brain Work" that will introduce neurology in the coolest way!  Magicians Penn and Teller use magic to show how the brain can be tricked into seeing one thing and believing another, we will explore artificial intelligence, and how magnetic wands can be used to control the brain.  It's a great way to get the class excited about this new learning.  Later in the week, we will begin to research the structure and function of specific parts of the brain using an online interactive map of the human brain. I have the site linked under the "student resources" section of the website. Once our research is complete, the kids are all going to create a model of the human brain that will also be a hat.  Here is an example, but the ones the PA students will have are all going to be blank and filled in using their own research. 

5PA will be in class on Monday and Tuesday working on their Capstone projects and having a Capstone conference with me to review progress, set goals, and help focus each student's work moving forward. 

My Wish for my Students