Thursday, January 12, 2017

Project Arrow and Talent Development for the Week of 1-17

Kindergarten Talent Development will be reading a book titled My Friends with me on Tuesday.  We will use this story to make a three ring Venn diagram comparing the story to two different friends the students have to show how the book and our own friends are unique and different. 

First Grade Talent Development will be reading two short chapter books by Cynthia Rylant in the Henry and Mudge series to find similarities and differences between the situations the characters find themselves in.  What was the same about how Henry and Mudge acted in the first book compared to the second, and what was different about their actions?

Second Grade Talent Development will be presenting their natural disaster presentations on Thursday and Friday.  On Tuesday the kids will be practicing with their partners to prepare and get some tips on giving a successful presentation to a group. 

Third Grade PA will begin our journey into Ancient Egypt this week with a documentary titled "Pyramid" based on a book we will be reading by David Macaulay by the same name.  The kids will be taking notes about what the pyramids symbolize, what they were used for, and how they were constructed. 
Fourth Grade PA will be curating a virtual museum exhibit of art, music, and literature based on our look back at the Harlem Renaissance using CoSpaces.  I hope to have parents go for a tour at Open House.  Please download the free CoSpaces app on your smart phones so we can show you our work using Google cardboard.

Fifth Grade PA will be developing questions on the good and bad of GMO's based on our extensive research we did before the break for a multi-day Socratic seminar that will begin on Wednesday.  

My Wish for my Students