Thursday, February 9, 2017

PA and TD for the Week of 2-13

Kindergarten TD will continue to work on our "Order Makes Sense" picture book shuffle project.  This week, we will be using a Goldilocks and the Three Bears and a book titled Teeny Tiny. Triads of students will work together to put the mixed-up pages back in the correct order.

First Grade TD will be reading and discussing three more nonfiction articles this week.  We will learn about Thomas Edison, Sputnik, and Galileo Galilei and their contributions to science and innovation.

Second Grade TD will finish up our Animalia book pages this week by Friday.  Look for them displayed in the PA windows the next time you come to school. 

Third Grade PA will continue our close reading of Pyramid by David Macaulay this week.  The kids will be adding details to their notes about the documentary that are in the book, but were not a major focus on the film.

Fourth Grade PA will be exploring TBI, traumatic brain injury, through the story of Adam Moore, a fourth grader who was injured at a Boy Scout camp in 4th grade.  After his accident, he wrote about his experiences and ended up publishing a writing project he worked on in 5th grade, the book Broken Arrow Boy.  The cover shows his sense of humor...
Image result for adam moore broken arrow boy
Fifth Grade PA will have some time in class to work on reading the paired text that connects to their autobiographies that everyone checked out last week.  Questions will be developed this week for our Socratic seminar that shows the connections between an author's life and his or her fiction writing. On Wednesday we will have a Capstone day.  The projects are coming along well.  Some of the students have work that needs to be done at home for their research, please talk with your child to make sure they are keeping up.   I have met with all of the kids about their projects, and some were given assignments to complete at home, but the work is not being done.  Part of the fifth grade journey is about developing the independence and responsibility with long term projects that will be a major part of PA at Hill.  

My Wish for my Students