Wednesday, April 19, 2017

5th Grade Capstone Update

I wanted to share an update on where all of the 5th graders should be with their Capstone projects, and an outline of the next month. 

Next Tuesday the 25th, the 3-5 page summary of the research done on identifying the problem is due.  This summary should clearly identify the problem in a clear and complete fashion and be supported with evidence from the research to support your thinking. In text citations should be used to show evidence of the research done.  Nothing too fancy, just ( after citing a fact. 

Moving forward, we will spend all five days next week working on refining the solution to the problem the kids developed.  On May 2nd, the next 3-5 page part of the writing is going to be due.  This part is all about the credible, thoughtful solution to the problem that reflects the synthesis of what others are doing to solve the problem, and the unique idea developed by each student. 

The bibliography in APA format will be due on May 9th.  All of the sources that were used should be included.  I have shared this site with the kids to use for this part of the project  

On May 12th, the implementation plan will be due. This is the realistic timeline for how to solve the problem from the catalyst of the idea to when the solution to the problem is fully realized. Each step that would be necessary to solve the problem should be in sequence and make sense.  Think of it as a road map for anyone to follow to solve the problem.  The format of this is up to the kids and the length will vary based on the topic.  

The Google slides that will pair with the 20-25 minute presentation and the speech need to be completed by May 19th.  I will be administering CBM tests the week of May 15th, so I will not be seeing any of my groups, but I have laptops checked out for the fifth graders to work on this all week in their classrooms. 

On May 22nd, we will begin presenting.  I will email a schedule and post it on the website.  Parents are welcome to come watch on your child's day from 1:00-2:00. 

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