Monday, April 10, 2017

PA and TD for the Week of 4-10

KTD will begin to turn poems from Runny Babbit into a script for a play this week.  Teams of three will be converting the verse to dialogue, creating stick characters, and begin practicing their plays. 

1TD will begin the week by examining specific relationships in nature.  We will be learning about symbiosis, a fancy name for how different species work together.  We will learn about commensalism, mutualism, and parasitism using a Google slide show I made, but then we are going to be reading a variety of picture books that show examples of these relationships between characters. 

2TD will spend the week creating their own 13th Olympian God or Goddess. They will be creating the name, symbols, animals, powers, and an accompanying myth.

3PA  will be working on PARCC testing during their PA time this week, so we will not be meeting. 

4PA did an outstanding job presenting their neurological disorder presentations last week.  Very impressive work for 4th graders!  This week we will be looking at what makes you, you using a PBS documentary by neurologist David Eagleman.  We got through about ten minutes of the film last week in 30 minutes of class because of discussion and questions! 

5PA will begin working on an infographic manifesto this week that defines what the kids each hold true about their place in the world.  We will be looking for quotes from historical figures and authors for inspiration.  This project connects back to the essay we read last week about how one good road is enough to take you to anywhere in the world you can imagine.  Due to PARCC testing, kids will not be able to begin their final copy on until next week.  The students will also have two days on iPads to continue working on their Capstone projects.  Here is an example of the infographic manifesto...

My Wish for my Students