Thursday, April 13, 2017

PA and TD for the Week of 4-18

KTD will finish up their Runny Babbit scripts, rehearse their plays, and then we are going on the road to several classrooms to share our work.  

1TD did a great job last week learning about the three types of symbiosis.  This week, the kids will be looking for and recording examples of mutualism + +, parasitism + -, and commensalism + 0 in a variety of picture books. 

1st Grade Creativity Development will meet with me on Friday to design their ultimate tree house!  This is going to be fun. 

2TD will spend the week in ancient Athens.  The students will be working in pairs to complete some research on what life was like in Athens thousands of years ago.
Image result for Ancient Athens
3PA will be adding a few more slides to their presentations on Ancient Egypt this week based on the top ten discoveries of this civilization. Then, we are going to explore Egyptian language and make our own cartouches
Image result for cartouches
4PA will take a bit of a "brain" break this week.  We are going to begin a mini-unit on the poetry of Emily Dickinson.  The kids will be learning some background information about the life of the poet, do a bit of independent research on her, and begin reading and dissecting her writing. 

5PA surprised me last week with their work on the manifesto project. The class was very absorbed in creating their work on Canva.  This week, the kids will finish their design, write the accompanying paragraph, and then we will have two days to work on our Capstone projects.   

My Wish for my Students