Monday, April 24, 2017

PA and TD for the Week of 4-24

KTD has become a traveling theater group, sharing our Runny Babbit plays with kids all over the school.  Later in the week, we will be looking at an invention everyone knows about, but we will try to make it even better! 

1TD continues to do a great job examining a variety of picture books looking for examples of different types of symbiotic relationships. This unit will finish up this week. 

2TD will turn our attention to Sparta this week.  The kids will be researching this second city state to compare the systems of daily life and the values of these different parts of Ancient Greece. 

3PA will be presenting their slideshows on three different parts of Ancient Egypt this week.  Monday and Tuesday we will be making our speaker notes and rehearsing.  We will begin presenting on Wednesday.  On Friday, the kids and I will begin examining how the women Pharaohs ruled differently than the male Pharaohs.   

4PA will spend the week exploring the writing of Emily Dickinson.  I have a link on the PA site to all of her poetry, and the kids will be examining her work with a SIFT graphic organizer.  S: examine the title and the text for symbolism. I: identify images and sensory details. F: figurative language, looking for metaphor, simile, repetition, omission, unusual word order. T: tone and theme. 

5PA will be working on their Capstone projects all week.  The first part of the summary is due tomorrow.  

My Wish for my Students