Monday, May 1, 2017

PA and TD for the Week of 5-1

KTD will be exploring the differences between fiction and nonfiction books this week.  Teams of students will be making  Venn diagrams showing how the texts are similar and different. 

1TD will be learning about common traits of protagonists and antagonists in fiction stories.  Teams of kids will be reading a variety of picture books and creating an infographic poster that shows what these characters have in common. 

2TD will continue to work on their posters comparing life in Athens to life in Sparta.  Later in the week, we will be watching a PBS documentary on the Parthenon.

3PA will finish up our Ancient Egypt unit this week.  The kids will be designing a set of stamps showing important moments in Egyptian history.

4PA will be creating a "Little White House" honoring a poem by Emily Dickinson.  This project was inspired by an art show in Amhurst, MA where artists created an outdoor exhibit on the grounds of Emily's house.  
Image result for Emily Dickinson little white house   
5PA is nearing the end of our Capstone journey.  This week, the solution writing is due, and we will continue to add to the visuals that will pair with the speech.  

My Wish for my Students