Thursday, August 31, 2017

PA and Talent Development For the Week of 9-4

Our first week back went very well at Brookdale.  It was great to see the kids jump back into working in collaborative groups so smoothly.  Here is what we will be working on this week in PA and TD.

Kindergarten Talent Development: Small groups of students will be coming to my room for the next few weeks to make their "dot" inspired by one of the books I read to our new friends last week.  September 15th is International Dot Day, inspired by the Peter Reynolds book The Dot, and the kindergartners and I are going to make dots that show how creative and unique the kids are.

First Grade Talent Development: Last week, I had the chance to meet with every first grade classroom twice for 25 minutes.  During one of the lessons, we read The Z Was Zapped, and used inferences to figure out what the text was going to say on each page.  For the next several weeks, small groups of first graders will be visiting my room to make their own page for our own versions of this ABC book.

Second Grade Talent Development: The second graders will all be visiting my classroom this week to do a reading lesson, but with a twist.  Students will be looking at several sentences through a different lens, looking for hidden words inside of a sentence.  Then, teams of students will try to write a sentence of their own that follows the pattern.

3PA will begin our week by examining the concept of change.  What types of things change? How do they change? What causes change? The kids will be grouping examples of change into different categories and then looking for examples in the short story "Shells" by Cynthia Rylant.  The students will also take a formative assessment on literature using a fable.

4PA will begin our journey by reviewing a variety of literary elements that we will be learning about all year long.  The kids will search for examples of the elements in two different poems, Birdfoot's Grandpa by Joe Bruchac and Famous by Naomi Shihab Nye. Later in the week, students will be writing their own version of Famous and taking a short formative assessment on different literary elements. 

5PA will be spending the week with an amazing picture book, The Collector of Moments by Quint Buchholz.  

This is a complex text that will take several hours to read and dissect searching for the theme.  The fifth graders will also be taking a formative assessment based on a poem titled Autobiographia Literareria by Frank O'Hara.  

My Wish for my Students