Friday, October 12, 2018

PA and TD for the Week of 10-15

Kindergarten TD will continue working on decomposing numbers using hexagon hives.  Last week, one of the groups came up with 81 ways to make ten.  I was stunned in the best possible way!  This week, the numbers will get larger.  My literacy group will continue to work with wordless picture books by David Wiesner.  We will be exploring the Caldecott winning picture book Flotsam. 
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First and Second Grade TD will continue to explore fairy tales and look for elements in the stories that make this genre unique.  I have about 40 different picture books the students will be using for this unit.  The second graders will have the extra challenge of learning about fractured fairy tales and comparing them to the original versions.  

3PA is having deep conversations about what the world would be like with no adults.  How would they take care of their siblings?  Where would they get food and supplies?  The kids are charting examples of change on a matrix as we read and discuss The Girl Who Owned a City by O. T. Nelson.

4PA had our first Socratic Seminar on Thursday, and it continued into Friday.  Two hours and four questions, that's the kind of thinking I just love to see.  This week, the students will be using a rubric to evaluate their classmates as participants in the seminar.  We will also discuss a watercolor project, an exploration of impressionism in the art world, that will show the secret garden in three stages of development in the story.

5PA has an interesting week ahead of them.  Family Reading Night is Wednesday beginning at 6:30.  I will be opening the show by reading the first chapter of our "One Book, One School" novel The One and Only Ivan.  The kids in 5PA are going to write the trivia questions read over the intercom twice a week for the other students in the school to answer to win prizes. That's not all, I split the group into six teams.  These teams each have a grade level K-5 to focus on.  Their task is to develop questions that are appropriate for all six grade levels, come up with companion texts or poems or picture books for each grade level that have a connection to The One and Only Ivan, and develop project ideas for the students to do in their classrooms.  I will be sharing their work with all of the teams in the school, and the classes will use our work in their classrooms as they read the novel.  I'm really excited to see what these amazing learners develop for all the Bobcats.  
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Friday, October 5, 2018

PA and TD for the Week of 10-9

KTD will look a bit different this year.  There are going to be two math groups and two literacy groups seeing me each week.  Each group will be 40 minutes and focus on the same math or literacy skill.  This week the math kids will be working on decomposing numbers using hexagon hives, and the ELA group will be exploring wordless picture books.  You can watch the Academy Award winning animated short film I shared with the kids on Friday, The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore, that I posted on the website.  We are working on developing story sense when books have no words and we need to figure out the plot for ourselves. 

1TD will continue to explore fairy tales with me this week.  The kids will be reading a variety of fairy tales and charting how the stories fit into the genre based on the elements we created last week.  

2TD will also be reading a variety of fairy tales and working on comparing traditional tales to fractured fairy tales in pairs.  The teams will also be looking for the elements that all fairy tales have in common and recording specific examples from the text to show their understanding.

3PA learned a lot about the importance of communication and planning when working on a group project last week.  The Green Book posters are almost complete and show a deep understanding of how characters responded to change in the novel.  This week, we will begin reading the O. T. Nelson novel The Girl Who Owned a City, a novel very similar to The Green Book, but also vastly different.  The book begins after a plague has killed all people over 12 years old in the world.  The kids need to figure out how to survive in a world with no adults.  How will they get food, shelter, medicine, and make things work again in a world with nobody to guide them?  This book is set in Glen Ellyn, IL where I grew up and has a lot of connections to how Pattie and her family figured out how to make things work on Shine.  

4PA has gone deeper into The Secret Garden than any other group I have read this novel with so far.  The depth of their thinking about metaphors and symbolism has been truly impressive.  As we approach the halfway point in the novel, we will be discussing how Mary has evolved, how this happened, and who has helped her change.  We are about to meet Colin and Archibald Craven, and the predictions the kids have made about these two characters will be discussed at length. 

5PA will travel back in time, 65 million years ago, on an adventure only Ray Bradbury could have imagined as we read "A Sound of Thunder."  We will have our first Socratic Seminar of the year discussing the connections between the six short stories we have read so far, as well as Bradbury's writing style and what makes him unique as a writer.  All of the questions will be written by the kids, the discussion will be moderated by different student leaders each day, and students will be assessing classmates using a rubric developed with student input.  
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The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore

PA and TD for the Week of 10-15

Kindergarten TD will continue working on decomposing numbers using hexagon hives.  Last week, one of the groups came up with 81 ways to make...