Monday, October 22, 2018

PA and TD for the Week of 10-22

KTD will be working on skip counting by 3's and 4's this week and exploring the idea of what multiplication means.  My literacy group will be making Venn Diagrams comparing two wordless picture books we read in the last few weeks. 

1TD will be learning about fables this week. The group will be reading a variety of fables looking for the moral. 

2TD will be reading the Shel Silverstein classic A Giraffe and a Half as a group, and then the kids will work in teams to write their own version of the poem following the pattern laid out in the text.
Image result for a giraffe and a half 
3PA will continue our reading of The Girl Who Owned a City during our time together.  Students will be looking at how characters respond to change and developing ideas on how thinking differently would save their lives if all the adults were gone.

4PA is nearing the final third of The Secret Garden.  Our work will continue this week with a Socratic Seminar that will focus on how Mrs. Craven is changing people, developing ideas for the watercolor project, working on the character matrix showing change, and the four square notes on the four main characters.

5PA will begin exploring passions this week as we begin the Capstone adventure.  What is each student passionate about? That's the first step, and we will be taking this pretty large project one step at a time. The kids will also have a Socratic Seminar on Bradbury as a writer and do a final project using "All Summer in a Day" to finish up the week. 

My Wish for my Students