Tuesday, November 27, 2018

PA and TD for the Week of 11-27

KTD Math will be learning about parallel and perpendicular lines this week.  We will be going on a hunt around the school looking for examples of each.

KTD Literacy will continue our work with nonfiction reading.  The kids and I will be reading two articles about water and comparing key facts.

1TD read the A.A. Milne story "Eeyore Has a Birthday" last week.  This week, we will be reading a Hindu fable titled "The Mouse and the Wizard" and comparing the adventures and experiences the characters had in both stories.  We will also be discussing the central theme of each text. A note to parents, please don't clean out your son or daughter's TD folders as we will be using items in them for more than one purpose.  Thanks. 

2TD will likely finish reading Frindle this week.  the class has done a great job discussing how Nick and Mrs. Granger are changing and how they are changing.  This work will continue this week, and the kids will be creating their own new words to share with the group.  

3PA will switch gears this week and begin learning about CPS, or creative problem solving.  There is a video that I will share with the kids on Tuesday posted below that explains the process.  We will be using fairy tales to solve problems characters face in different stories.  There are four stages to the process. Clarify, to identify the problem in a clear fashion. Ideate, where multiple ideas for solutions are brainstormed. Develop, developing one of the ideas in a comprehensive way. Implement, creating a way to put the idea developed into action.  What could the three little pigs have done differently to change the outcome of their story?  This is where we will begin.

4PA will complete reading the 1940 Newbery Medal winner Call it Courage by Armstrong Sperry this week.  All of the students have a copy of the Newbery Medal criteria used by the members of the Newbery Committee and are evaluating the novel as they read.  Once finished, students are going to pick any contemporary Newbery winning novel and evaluate it using the same criteria.  Our mission is to see how literature for children has changed since 1940 and discuss if Call it Courage would still win today. 
Call It Courage (Reissue) (Paperback) (Armstrong Sperry)
5PA will be working on their group projects using Brown Girl Dreaming and The Crossover for three days this week, and Thursday will be set aside for Capstone work.  The kids are off to a great start and asking thoughtful questions about their topics.  

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