Monday, December 10, 2018

PA and TD for the Week of 12-10

KTD Math will continue to work on multi-step addition story problems this week.  I was impressed by the stamina I saw last week as the kids tackled some challenging tasks. 

KTD Literacy will read the picture book Animals Should Definitely Not Wear Clothing this week and create their own page to add to the story. 
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1TD did a wonderful job last week reading articles about influential people.  This will come in handy in their homerooms during third quarter as this is a topic they will be focused on.  This week, we will be researching a topic of their choice using the website  This too will help 3rd quarter as the whole first grade will be researching topics and the TD kids can help out their peers. 

2TD will meet Wilson Bentley this week in the Caldecott winning picture book about his life, Snowflake Bentley.  He was the first person to photograph snowflakes. The kids and I will learn about snowflake geometry and structure and create a few snowflakes as well. 
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3PA will be reading the short story "The Green Man" by Gail E. Haley this week.  discussing topics will include why we believe in things we cannot see, protection, change, and the kids will be writing a few literature responses during our time together.  
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4PA will finish their projects on Call it Courage and the Newbery book of their choice this week and present their Google Slides to the class.  The students will be assessing each other using the Newbery Medal criteria.  We will also have a Socratic Seminar about the quality of children's literature.  later in the week, if time allows, we will begin a unit on the poetry of Langston Hughes and The Harlem Renaissance. 
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5PA will be presenting their team projects comparing two novels this week on Tuesday.  The kids will be assessing each other using the four standards that guided this whole project.  The class will work on Capstone projects on Thursday, and we will begin reading background information on the pros and cons of GMO's in the human food chain.  

My Wish for my Students